Infoamed Job Vacancy.

Confession time.

You may have noticed a slowing in the output of the little boogin’ website that could over the last few months. Truth be told it’s hard to stay motivated to keep slinging out content as we enter our fourth year of operation. We built a solid little following, but then the great Zuck in the sky chopped the legs out from under us for a still undisclosed reason. We had to begin a rebuilding phase, but its been a slog to find the nuts to sack up and go to work again banging out consistent content.

So what to do, what to do, when you need to put out content, but can’t be arsed to do it anymore …….

Fuck yer, that’s it! Borrow from the great captain’s of industry playbook and outsource your work to someone else while reaping the benefits!

Now where can I find someone willing to generate content for little to no pay or accolades?

A.I. !

Now before we throw the reins of the operation over to nanobots we’d better see if they’re up to the job and test their knowledge of the boogieverse. Join us in seeing if Chat A.I.’s is up to the job of contributing to Infoamed’s sterling body of work.

Here we go:

Okay, you got us there. Let’s try some history questions.

Tick, but that was a gimme.

Hmmmm, bit wobbly on that one. Mike Churchill you say……

Now that’s a revelation, move over Roach!

Let’s try some more contemporary issues.

Shit ey, seems A.I. doesn’t know why either🤷‍♂️

Tick on that one. Nice work!

Points deducted.

News to us…..

Righto, final question.

Finishing strong!!!

Yer look, you’re not going to fit in here. Thanks for your time, maybs try over at Rippies, they need a caption writer…..

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