Moz Puts A Lid On It.

Moz Puts A Lid On It.

Hi Moz, you recently announced over social media that you will be wearing a helmet when surfing at Fronton, what was the motivation for this decision?

I’d actually been thinking about it for a while but never took the actual step.
Most extreme sports athlètes are wearing helmets but it seems that bodyboarders are not really into it.
We rarely see top riders wearing a helmet and only a few guys in bodyboarding history have worn them regularly,but if you think about it then should almost be almost obligatory at a wave like Frontón where no matter how fit you are if you hit the head you done.

Some people from my academy in Gáldar offered me this helmet two years ago when a really good Canarian rider from Tenerife died in Lanzarote riding a wave called Pipelinito, hitting his head against the reef.
I used it a couple times and many of my students went to get one and for a few weeks, you could see much more helmets around my zone for a while but it did not last long.

After this new tragedy I decided to wear a helmet at Fronton, To protect myself, my familly and to I invite people to do the same.

You surf alot of heavy waves around the globe, can you see yourself wearing a helmet at waves like Arica or Pipeline in the future?

Yes, this is something I’m thinking about but you really need to get use to them since its actually really different to ride with a helmet.
You have more weight on your head which affect your balance while riding. Also the water getting into the helmet while duck diving or during a wipe out is affects a lot your movement under water.

I will try différent types of helmets and gopefully getting use to as soon as possible.

How has the recent death of Julian Gonzalez surfing at Fronton affected the local boogin’ community and the vibe in the water?

This has been a nightmare for our community. Julián was such an amazing human being with a light into him that he spreading to others around him.
He was also an awesome bodyboarder with an really high level of riding since he was young.

I was there the day he died, getting ready in the car park. It was a really nice day with clean conditions and many guys out. In a few seconds everything changed and the worst we could imagine happened.

Fronton is not only dangerous for the wave itself but the whole scenery with the cliff and the many caves around make It really risky.
The water moves really fast there, if you get a KO your body could finish in up a cave in less that a minute. If you compare to a wave like Pipeline with Lifeguards on the beach its way more crazy.

On a more upbeat note, your performances in some of the IBC world tour events last year were incredible, do you plan on competing in every event this year, or will you continue to be selective in which contests you enter?

I will be competing again this year on the IBC World Tour and due to my familly situation, my business running (Reeflex distribution, Amaury Academy and my Airbnb) and the low budget I have to dedícate on the WT , I will have to be selective as I did last year. I’m really excited to see the 2023 IBC calendar to organise myself.

Lastly, what are you looking forward to in 2023?

I’m confident that this year will be a good one for our sport.
The IBC is coming strong with a great schedule, I’m having a lot of demand for my bodyboarding courses so it should be an other busy year of bodyboarding !!

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