A Pipeline Comp?

A Pipeline Comp?

Arrrrhhh, the annual Pipeline Comp. It’s become the great “will it or won’t it” vexation as each new year rolls around.

After last years ” experiment” that was the BoogJam and it’s great lost tapes of footage, hopes and expectations of any form of boogin’ comp at the Queen of the North Shore in 2023 were all but extinguished in the minds of lid lovers around the globe….


Lilly Pollard on the way to victory last year.

Little whispers have reached our King Lears that there is a slightly better than average chance that a 2023 Pipeline contest will go ahead!

The rumoured permit provided by Honolulu City Council allegedly provides a two week window for a 1 day Bodysurfing contest and 2 days for Bodyboarding. No details of the Kāne to Wahine split in contest time yet.

While details are still being finalized and nothing official has been announced, if you’re inclined to be excited in the pipeline way, it’s time to feel a little engorged in the nether regions!

More as the story develops …….

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