Sweaty Bag.

Sweaty Bag.

It’s summer time here in the upside down hemisphere, and as such Infoamed presents our vaguely thought out and ill executed advice on things you may want, and things you may want to do during the sweatiest time of year. Enjoy or disparage below:

Volume: In the traditionally weaker swells of summer, volume is your friend. The more buoyancy you can incorporate into your summer sled, the more your going to squeeze that little bit of extra fun into your surfing experience. Companies like Science and NMD offer higher volume models that are a bit thicker and a little wider than a standard boog.

If you’re keen to stick to a more standard template, you can achieve a similar outcome by going up an inch, or even two, from your standard board length. This will increase the planning area you have underneath you, allowing you to generating more speed in weaker conditions.

In the same vein, don’t overlook the benifits of a bat tail in giving you more board for your buck. Hubb just won Fronton on a bat. Tanner ripped the Maldives comp on a Delta tail. Mitch Rawlins has ridden nothing else for the last couple of years. That extra bit of float could make all of the difference to your session.

Surf Hats: Let’s face it, none of us are getting an younger and that big ball of gas spewing UV radiation in the form of protons at us isn’t getting any weaker.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in every three Australians  being diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 . Around 2,000 Australians die from skin cancer each year, so any measures you can employ to limit exposure to the sunlight during our harshest period of exposure should be on the table.

Hubboards makes an all in one long sleeve Rashie with a built in peaked hood, while core surf hardwear brands like Creatures of Leisure and Balin each make cap and bucket hat varieties ( Pro tip, cutting the lining out of the chin straps will give you back your full range of hearing). If you don’t want to cough up the coin on a purpose built product, wacking an old trucker hat on will do a similar job.

Rip bowls: Summer in Oz is generally plagued by onshore winds on the reg, so finding something that will throw out a little more than the standard slop is a must when riding a Boog. In this endeavour, hunting out a rip bowl is your friend.

The bigger than average tides caused by the southern hemisphere’s tilt towards the sun in the summer months means there’s more inshore water to be fed back out between shallow sandbanks, creating our little mate the rip bowl.

Generally better on a falling tide, finding a suitable sand slug is a summer must activity, and when paired with surfing in just boardies and a group of friends you’d be hard pressed to find a funner way to enjoy the ocean.

Quality board shorts / Bikini bottoms: We’ve all experienced the traumatic after affects of severe knob rub or bonnet burn incured from hours frolicking in the tropical waters of a summer session. Shits no laughing matter and can strip you of the enjoyment of many a future surf as it takes some time for the tender skin damaged in these delicate areas to fully rejuvenate itself.

The take away? Don’t skimp on paying for quality below the navel gear. The fact that you should support boogin’ owned companies that make good boardies should go without saying, but whereever you source your trunks, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on a quality product if it helps you stay in the anti rash way.

No Leash: Our last pick isn’t a pick at all. Cast off your shackles and feel the freedom of gliding the ocean blue sans leash. In the weaker summer swells you’re less likely to lose your board, and if you’re surfing a beachie, who gives a fug anyway. Most of the time your boog will pop up next to you, so cut the cord, ratchet up your squirrel grip and enjoy the sensation of flowing unencumbered.

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