What’s The Deal With Hexaflex?

What’s The Deal With Hexaflex?

Whilst running through the endless scroll on Insta, a unique, almost alien looking board design caught our eye. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the board looked so unique because it contained the ” Hexaflex” system. Infoamed threw some questions at the creators of the flex system to get an insight into their design theory. Read below.

Hexaflex was created by two Portuguese bodyboarders with more than 30 years of practice, a former competitor and a product designer, we created the company Ptworks to develop innovative projects in bodyboarding focused on technology and new processes.

We believe that in the last 20 years little has been done in the development of this sport and rare were the true innovations, either in materials, construction or even in concepts.

Our first innovation is the Hexaflex System, which is already being patented and was thought, created and executed by PTworks with the collaboration, in the construction of prototypes and with all their technical knowledge, of Refresh Boards, which is at this moment a partner of PTworks and, presently, the only brand to use this system. There is interest and we are negotiating with other brands.

The Hexaflex System came up after several inputs between Bodyboarders where they talked about the lack of flexibility of the new boards, which gained in speed but lost other characteristics that we like so much. For years the construction of boards was based on different cores (materials) but always with stringers (either 1,2 or 3).
Stiff stringers basically serve to help in the construction of the boards that are made with heat and pressure and also in the durability, in order to not let them warp or bend with time.

It is true that reputable brands try and have tried to innovate, however these innovations has never been a true revolution due to the fact that faced with the cost-benefit dilemma they have opted for more economical solutions which have never resulted in true innovation. However, none of these so-called innovations come close to our truly revolutionary system and concept.

In a board with the integrated Hexaflex system, the core gains characteristics that it never had because it has a body in tension inside with bending elements, we are talking about combinations of premium materials that for example can be bent back to the initial position, because it has an incredible memory and is practically unbreakable. Given its honeycomb structure, which is inserted into the core of the block wrapping the material, the board stays in tune with the pressures the rider exerts, offering exceptional harmony between body, board, and wave.

We would like to add that ergonomic and structural elements were crucial in the elaboration of the format of the Hexaflex system.
The boards are left with an excellent flexibility that is uniform and controlled and above all “on demand”, but with a great recoil which makes it an extremely fast board with control far above average; with unusual characteristics in the rail to rail change; great projection due to the speed and the system; and very good for 360º execution. The boards were tested for months by riders of various levels of Bodyboard, in different types of waves, and the consensus was that it is a revolutionary system and, jokingly, all the riders said that “when you go Hexaflex, You never come back”.

We think we really have the best and most innovative board on the market.
PTworks will not stop here, because we are already thinking and developing new projects all in the Bodyboard area.

Obrigado !

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