Family Room For Free.

Family Room For Free.

In a move sure to warm the long dead hearts of people’s revolutionary figures like Che Guevara, Mao Zedong and Admiral General Aladeen, the very left slanted, community inspired, grassroots funded, communally adored, Boxycentric flick ” Family Room” is available to watch free of charge on the YouTubes.

Shunning the offer to cloister the singularly wave focused film behind a $99 a year pay wall, director Tahnee Sams has made the decision to release the instant classic to the masses via the more arty vibing screening service Vimeo.

After an exclusive preview viewing ( not really we watched it on Vimeo like every other pleb) Infoamed can recommend you put aside half an hour our so of your time to feast on the wedges. While it might seem like a tough sell to watch footage of a single wave for that period of time, the film never drags.

Highlights include the return of prodigies Tahnee Sams and Alan Cheggers to the foam, No longer little little Mitch Woodland styling as stylishly as ever, the King of Box Dally Singer showing everyone how to get it done, arguably the rippingest ripper in the film Boxy dog Matt McCann ripping and a host of other shredders like Kane Brewer, Palmer, Carter and a new gen of groms popping innies and revs at will.

Watch the farker for free here, then get your mates together and knock out your own locally focused clip, host a little premiere and pump some energy into your local scene.

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