Are You Ready To Get ‘Xtreme!?

Are You Ready To Get ‘Xtreme!?

Okay, an apology. As your favourite muckraking gossip rag, we missed the boat this week, well we missed the boat by a week to be exact.

We do our best to be across all of the boogin’ related news and content as it drops, which basically consists of trying to decipher the non-sensical grammatical gobbledy gook of a Riptide news article, trying not to stab our eyes out while reading SurferToday content like “How to sit on a bodyboard”, listening to the sweet crooning of Jay Reale’s drawl on the “Reale Deal” podcast and the fair to middling but better than the Infoamed podcast “Luke’s Lounge” poddy with Luke O’Connor under the Rippies banner.

Now it’s here, buried at the 81 minute mark in a chat between Luke and the surfing world’s very own golden tonsils Terry “Tezza” McKenna, he of former IBA and APB general managership roles, that the juiciest of juiciest little nuggets of gossip can be found.

It’s not Terry’s fondness for “Aussies” to run fish and chip shops in Newcastle or his proclivity for riding horses to the surf as a young spunk that should shock and stop the boogin’ community in their collective tracks.

It’s not his final confirmation of the long rumoured association of the funnelling of funds from the APB tour into the coffers of a now deceased bodyboarding company (cough, Turbo, cough) that killed a world tour at its apogee that will make all prone paddlers blush. Nay, Tezza’s big nugget of goss is…..


Just as the dust was settling on the first, almost universally accepted, successful IBC world tour that crowned South Effrican Tristian “8+” Roberts as undisputed Champion of the Boogieverse, a rival organisation out of Portugal is raising its head above the aquatic parapet.

Seemingly dubbed the “XBL”, standing for the very late 90’s sounding ‘Xtreme Bodyboarding League”, Tezza reveals he has allegedly been sounded out to be the new head of said organisation which would run concurrently to the IBC world tour.

Continuing the 90’s theme is the teased involvement of Rockstar energy drinks and the resurrection of a “Fling for bling” tow out component of the the Alt tour, with the very 90’s feels location of Kiama wedge as a potential Australian location for one very Xtreme sounding contest.

No word yet on why Riptide failed to publish an article on this juicy, juicy goss on their new website when it was dropped in their podcast, but what is for sure is it’s time to dust off your Arnette wrap arounds, Etnies puffy skate shoes and shin swinging cargo pants, peroxide your hair blonde and get ready to get ‘Xtreme!!!

More as the rumours develop.

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