What is Los Boogiemen?

What is Los Boogiemen?

Can you give us an introduction to yourself and your background in Bodyboarding?

My name is Kris Simeon. I’m a singer songwriter/body boarder/wave enthusiast from Oxnard, California. I’m one of those board again spongers that bodyboarded years ago but stopped and picked it up during the pandemic. Never really was that good and only took it more serious this time around.

Where did the name ” Los Boogiemen” come from?

The name Los Boogiemen actually just came up as a joke name for me and a small group of bodyboarders. The name just kinda stuck. Had a ring to it. Being in band growing up, I was always used to coming up with names and titles and such.

What motivated to begin the brand?

With having the name, I thought it’d be cool to get stickers then shirts made. I ordered a few for myself and some buddies through some service. I posted them on my instagram, and Geno Lira (one of the organizers of the NorCal Bodyboarding Association) actually showed interest in getting some shirts. Made me think that I might be onto something.

Kris on the tools.

What have been the challenges you’ve encountered?

I knew that getting shirts could be pricey with the overhead. Coming from a DIY musician background, I decided to give screen printing another shot. There was definitely a lot of trial and error. There were many nights going down the rabbit hole of videos and threads with tips on screen printing. It was only until walking into a local shop that sold supplies where I was able to get the most useful tips. I love the idea of hand printing every shirt that goes out. Feels really organic.

What does success look like for the brand moving into the future?

I feel like with even the small attention the shirts have gotten that it feels like success. I’ve met a ton of great people from the shirts. It’s led onto many paddle outs, hangs, and just great camaraderie.

Any future plans and how can people contact you if they’re interested in grabbing some gear?

I’m hoping to branch off into making videos. I think that’d be really dope. If anything, I just want to help fuel the stoke for other bodyboarders or aspiring bodyboarders or anyone who loves to enjoy the ocean. A proper website and YouTube channel is definitely on the horizon.

For gear, I don’t have an online store up yet. Most orders have been through dm’s on the @losboogiemen Instagram account. You can also email me at losboogiemen@gmail.com. I typically print the shirts, tanks, and hoodies all made to order. I like to have the customer choose custom colors to make things feel a bit more personal. Hit me up.


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