The Contenders: Tristan Roberts.

The Contenders: Tristan Roberts.

Hailing from a battler nation in South Africa, you have to scratch and scramble if you’re going to reach the top. If it wasn’t so trite you’d almost be tempted to nickname Tristan something cliche like “The lion of South African lion”.

Everything about his actions and mannerisms in the water screams hunger to win.

Coming into the Fronton event in 2019, there was only an outside chance of Tristan taking the world title. However, during the contest he found a formula that paid dividends with the judges and has continued since. His secret? Solid backflips launched on the right hand bowls.

He’s stuck to that ever since.

Now we here at Infoamed have given the judges scoring of the Roberts backy more than a bit of a licking over the course of the year. But if you’re Tristan, why would you change what has worked for you?

Tristan has made the semi finals or above in every contest this year. He’d have every reason to feel aggrieved if he somehow loses the WT at Fronton because he’s been the most consistent rider all year.

He’s also more than a one trick pony.

Tristan surfs like the young, fit energetic entity that he is. He’s not interested in working a wave over technically, moving from power pocket to power pocket, he’s imposing his will on it. He appears supremely confident that his body can absorb any impact from the launchs he throws himself into. It’s an uncomplicated but effective approach.

Watching Tristan take off on a wave you can almost feel the exclusive focus of gaining as much drive off of the rail to boost as high as physically possible, and at a wave like Fronton that’s going to be difficult to top.

Tristan’s odds: 3/1

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