The Contenders: Tanner McDaniel.

The Contenders: Tanner McDaniel.

Tanner’s time is now.

From the toe headed blonde gymnast grom blowing minds and surfing the pipeline contest at 11 under the tutelage of the godfather, Tanner’s trajectory has always pointed to the top. The unstable and Covid affected nature of the previous years tours has meant that his ascension to the top of the boogin’ world has had to wait, but his chance is now.

Expectations and external pressures can crush even the strongest diamonds, but so far it seems Tanner has not put a foot wrong. The man lives and breathes bodyboarding, is well spoken and seemingly mature beyond his years.

In the water it’s difficult to find a weakness in the McDaniel weaponry. Arguably as technically adept a rider as has graced the boogie, Tanner is the complete package. Flips, tight spinners, Inverts, forward and reverse airs, he’s knocking them out both directions at will.

The only question that remains for Tanner is how much he wants it, and what he’s willing to risk to reach the top? Winning at Fronton is as much about attitude as it is about ability. When that ugly, 8 foot dry ledging slab comes in and he needs a solid score to progress, where’s his head at? He’s acknowledged as one of, if not the, best riders in the world, he’s universally adored, young, successful, talented and has time on his side in the pursuit of a world title. Does he want it bad enough at this point in time to throw himself over that ledge?

The Stewart protege program has had some amazing talent through its doors over the years. Rawlins, Robinson, Johnno Bruce and many more, but none have been able to climb to the very top of competitive bodyboarding and claim a world title. If Tanner can do so, he’ll achieve the destiny that has seemed fated for him from the day he first picked up a boogie.

Tanner’s odds: 5/1

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