Future Pro’s Winner: Cooper Stewart.

Can you give us a little introduction to yourself?

My name is Cooper Stewart and I am 14yrs old, I live on the sunshine coast and have been bodyboarding for 4 years.

Huge congratulations on your double victories in both the cadets and juniors divisions, how does that make you feel?

After loosing the Australian title on a wave count back, I was really hungry to win this comp, so I was stoked to come away with the win.

Did you find one division easier or more challenging than the other?

Both divisions had really good competitors, I know it could have gone either way, but I felt more pressure in juniors.

How many heats did you have to surf across both divisions?

I surfed 3 heats accross cadets and 2 in the juniors.

Which other competitors impressed you during the comp?

I always have a good competitive battle with Jai Taylor whether it be at sunshine coast bodyboard club, states or nationals, but Tully Roberts is a great up and coming young bodyboarder from Victoria and is one to keep an eye on, he will be putting pressure on me in years to come.

The waves looked like they were pumping throughout the day, did you find it easier to compete in good conditions?

I normally like bigger surf, but these clean conditions suited everyone and put on a good competition for all competitors.

Did you have any strategies or focus that you tried to implement in your heats?

I knew if I surfed to my potential I knew I could get a good result, I tried to concentrate on getting two good waves, and completing my waves and trying to select the right wave.

How did you find the experience of competing in a young riders only contest and would you like to see more similar contests in the future?

It was good to surf against other competitors my own age, I also enjoy watching the older bodyboarders to learn from. This event was nothing like I have ever experienced, thanks to all the sponsors which supported it, to come away with a sponsorship from inverted was my dream, and to win a surf experience to surf lakes I cant wait. My sister is also so excited for her dream world experience.

Any other comments or shout outs you’d like to include feel free here!

I would like to shout out to @lidsonlids on instagram and the Gold Coast Bodyboard club for putting on the event!

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