Boogie Moms!

Boogie Moms!

Can you please give a brief introduction to yourself and how long you’ve been involved in Bodyboarding?

Cristi and Lauren are just two mamas who also dabble in education when school is in session. They both used to shred when they were younger, but unfortunately stopped when life became too busy.

Can you tell us about how ” Boogie moms” came about and what its focus is?

Last Summer Cristi and Lauren decided to try out body boarding on whim after many years of not going in the water, and once they did, they were hooked. From that time in 2021, they would talk on and off about creating a club for moms who want to bodyboard, but more importantly experience the stoke that the water brings, and this June we finally made those plans a reality. We started an Instagram, and here we are today!

Our focus has always been to get moms off their chairs and into the water. We are all about unleashing the freedom that you feel when you are in the water and embracing the fun again! We want moms to put down their kids’ snacks and sunscreen and jump on a board.

How many participants do you regularly get to each meet up?

We have been averaging about 12 women at each meetup, and 42 women and counting overall.

Why do you think the women in your group keep coming back to the events?

We think that the freedom and fun that bodyboarding provides to these women makes it contagious…they want more.

Many of the moms have the full support of their husbands to attend. They’ve shared how their husbands have gone out and bought them boards, fins, and wetsuits because they are so stoked their wives are doing something just for themselves.

What would you say to any women thinking of giving Bodyboarding a go?

Try it out! You will not regret it one bit. There is so much fun to be had in the water. You will feel like your ten year old self again and you won’t be able to stop smiling and laughing.

Have you received any support from companies or individuals from within Bodyboarding?

Yes! Huge thanks to Custom X Bodyboards who has supported us and encouraged us to follow our passion of getting moms into the water.

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