Tanner Flies Delta.

Tanner Flies Delta.

We noticed you were riding a Science Delta tail design during the Maldives Pro, what prompted this choice?

I’ve had that board waiting in the wings for some time now. I’d ridden it a few times prior to the Maldives event and I really liked how it went when the waves were soft and more on the grovely side. The only images of the event wave that I saw were when it was 1 foot and super soft so I went there prepared for that.

Had you been riding this design prior to the contest?

I’ve been testing this board on and off for about a year now. So kinda. I spent a good chunk of my early years learning how to boog on boards with this tail, so it was kinda like riding a bike. I tried it in a solid variety of waves when I first got it and quickly learned what kind of waves it excels in so I would keep it on ice until the conditions were right.

Was the board a standard Science Delta model, or your own shape with a different tail?

I was riding my signature model shape with the Delta Tail. The Delta Tail is also available on a few other Science models like the Launch and the Pocket I believe.

What do you find are the advantages of this tail design?

It’s an extremely fun board. I’d call it the “fish” of boogs. Super high performance, especially when the waves are lackluster. It gets an unusual amount of lift out of very soft sections which helps keep things exciting if you’re just out for a grovel.

What sort of waves do you think the Delta tail is best suited to?

I’ve tried to put this shape to the test in a wide variety of conditions, I think where it really shines is in 3-4 foot tricky beachbreak-like waves. The pop you get out of average sections is second to none and the release you get out of the tail during carving moves is so good. It spins like a top and allows you to access different sections of the wave because of how loose the tail is.

Were you happy with your performance at the Maldives Pro?

I’m very happy with my surfing in the event. I felt like I made the right calls in my heats and surfed the waves I had as well as they could be ridden. I really had my sights set on a first place there so coming up short was pretty hard to take. Dave winning the event was epic though, always great to see a good friend and role model come out on top. Even if he was the one who knocked me haha.

How about the vibe around the competition itself, looking from the outside it seemed like an epic comp?

Epic sums it up perfectly. From start to finish all of the riders were frothing to be there. The wave really surprised me in being so good once the swell filled in. Competing in waves like that is so good and having such legit infrastructure makes it even better. By all accounts the webcast seemed to be really good and they did a great job promoting and keeping the hype of the event going online. The locals also made us feel so welcomed and showed us an amazing time during the lay days. I’m already looking forward to going back next year.

Let’s talk world champion aspirations, how do you feel you’re placed in the race to take the title this year?

I’m very happy with how I’ve done this far in the year. Aside from Iquique, where I was too sick to compete in the Quarterfinals, I have been on the podium at every event. It’s been a long year on the tour and I have been trying to take it one event at a time. Even though I have had really good results, I’m still in need of another win to overtake Tristan. I was in a similar position in 2018 for the World Title, and I came up short by one position in the last event. I’m feeling much more prepared for it this year and hopefully that previous experience will help me.

I feel very confident in the surfing I have done this year..I just need to stick to that and know that if this is the year I win a World Title that I have done everything I can to make it so.

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