Double Dubb Days.

Double Dubb Days.

Congratulations on the double victories! How does it feel to have taken out both the mens Prone and Dropknee titles ?

It feels amazing! This result realized two huge longtime goals of mine. One, to win a man’s World tour event; and two, to sweep a world tour event in Men’s & drop knee. I’m so grateful for where God has placed me & for this opportunity. I’m totally blown away by how it all unfolded.

You faced off against Amuary in both finals, did that feel a little strange?

It was great to battle Moz in both finals. We have had man on man heats before in both divisions, so it felt normal in that regard. Of course, it was super unique being both in finals and to have the same opponent in each, so that was super special!

Was one victory more satisfying or thrilling than the other?

The men’s victory was both more satisfying and thrilling. The heat dynamic was so different than the DK final. I just couldnt really generate momentum or solid scores nearly the whole 40 minite heat, but got the winning wave right at the end. Buzzer beaters are always thrilling & that added a special dimension to the win. Acheiving the sweep made it ultra satisfying.

DK Dubb.

How much emphasis do you put on each style of riding when you’re preparing for an event?

My practice sessions are 100% prone. I feel like I need to practice and polish and explore my prone riding in the conditions leading up to the event. While I’m doing that, I am gathering wave insights that I will use in DK and I’m also really fired up to finally get up DK when my heat comes around.

The 1st Maldives Pro looked like it was a very well run event, what are your feelings on the contest overall?

Overall, this was the best event I’ve ever been at. From the structure to the attention to detail to the organization to the care of the riders to the wave to the locals (and more) made this an absolute delight to be at. I will definitely come back & am already looking forward to next year!

What about the support from the crowds and the community, it seems like they were right into all of the action during the event?

Community engagement in the form of sponsors and government officials as well as families of local competitors was incredible! I mean, the President of the country was there! But more than that, the local bodyboarders were overwhelmingly enthusiastic & hospitable. We were all blown away and it was like nothing else I’d ever experienced before! I’m so stoked on the crew here! A heap a true legends, for sure!

You’re in the box seat to take out your 9th Dropknee world title, which would equal Mike Stewart’s 9 prone titles for the most number of titles won in professional competition, is that something you’ve thought about?

I try not to get wrapped up in the whole numbers tally. I just want to do my best & feel I’m riding well enough to earn another one. Whether it comes this year or not, I plan on showing up & contending for the DK title until I can’t anymore.

I want to congratulate the Maldives Bodyboarding Association & the IBC for accomplishing this amazing feat! I’m super grateful to them, their staff, the locals, the sponsors, my fellow competitors, my supporters especially my wife Evelin & everybody who watched! Above all, I give all the glory to God.

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