Can you introduce yourself/s and provide a bit of history of your involvement in Bodyboarding?

VEHEMENCE is Alternative Counter Culture and it is my brain child. My name is Cerven Cotter and I have been involved in numerous aspects of bodyboarding at some points in my life (magazine editor, judge and contest organiser to name a few). I am currently working with the IBC as their press/web person. I am a dropknee rider and spend way too much time trying to chase any hint of swell the North Sea offers.

To launch a new board company is ambitious enough, why the motivation to launch a Dropknee exclusive brand?

Bodyboarding, specifically dropknee, is just one of the core pillars of VEHEMENCE. To label VEHEMENCE as a board company would be wrong. What kind of box should VEHEMENCE be put into – who knows. I guess it is something different for everyone.

As to my motivation – I’m finally in a position in my life where I am able to create something that is wholly 100% mine. It’s a vehicle for me to giveback and support all the scenes that have given me so much over the years.

The marketing for the brand has a very specific UK punk vibe to it, what inspired this?

I’ve grown up on a diet of punk rock, and it continues to be a major part of my life. If VEHEMENCE didn’t reflect my influences, my core values, then it wouldn’t be authentic.

Give us a break down of the difference board models you have available?

The intention of our bodyboard range was to cater for dropknee riders first and foremost. This lead to the current range consisting of three models – Serpent, Merchant and Versastyle.

The Serpent is a narrow nosed, no frills DK board – full crescent tail, flat bottom, 50/50 rails.

The Merchant, so far the most popular of all the boards, is similar to the Serpent, but features a wider nose, clipped crescent tail and shallow channels.

Not everybody wants a straight up DK shape, so the Versastyle was developed to cater for those who aren’t 100% dropknee. This model features 55/45 rail config and a quad channel setup.

All our boards are handshaped in South Africa, all individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

What inspired you to sponsor the 20 anniversary of the DK sessions here in Oz?

Aligning with DKSessions 20th year was an absolute no brainer, giving back to the wider bodyboarding scene is part of the everyday workings of VEHEMENCE. In addition to DKsessions, we provided some support to the Lindsay Connelly Memorial DK Shootout event too. VEHEMENCE has invested in the 2022 South African Bodyboarding Championship specifically the DK division.

We have a few other projects currently brewing across other countries at the moment and well, keep your eyes and ears open for when those drop…. When you buy VEHEMENCE, you are investing directly back into bodyboarding.

Any other information or comments you’d like to include feel free here.

All VEHEMENCE products are available directly from our website, and we ship worldwide. Subscribing to our email newsletter is the best way to stay in the loop and be first to hear about anything we are doing.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have had my back since day one, and who have been so supportive of VEHEMENCE.

To all the bodyboarders, the freaks, the punks, the metal heads, the misfits and everybody in between and on the edges – this one is for you. Let’s go!

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