14 Hours In The Tub.

14 Hours In The Tub.

Hey all, I’m Llew Nicholls, I grew up in Durban South Africa and bodyboarding (like most boogers know) exploded in the 90s when I was a teenager. My heroes were Mike, Eppo and Wingut – they still are! As I got older and partying became more important than anything else, bodyboarding slowly phased out. In 2012 I moved to the UK with my family. When we went on holiday to Cornwall, I borrowed a cheap board and scuba diving fins, paddled out back and was totally hooked again. I’ve now moved to Cornwall (and drive an hour a day to get to work) and get in the water 2/3 times a week. I couldn’t imagine my life without the boog!

I’m going to surf for 14 hours at the Wave in Bristol to fundraise for mental health organisation ” Mind”. I was inspired by someone planning to surf from dawn to dusk, but I wondered what they’d do if it was flat?

I contacted the “Wave” pool and my plan to support “Mind” was in line with their ‘blue health’ program so they agreed to me surfing at their facility all day.

I recently went through a very dark period in my life, with suicidal thoughts, depression and stress overwhelming me. My faith, my family and my bodyboard got me through these times and I am now out of that situation. I know many others don’t have access to bodyboarding or may not have support around them like I do. Mind is a charity that helps anyone struggling through mental wellbeing, so wanted to support them to help people who need it the most.

The conditions will vary through the day, I’m starting with expert barrel and ending with expert barrel – really looking forward to these as being in a barrel one of my favourite places to be! I’ll use the other settings to experiment with my board riding, I may even try some stand-up on the Waikiki setting! I’m hoping the day is warm but not hot and we have good weather.

I’ve just purchased some new Pods but will take my Ltd Edition fins too. I’ll also take my Refresh Custom board along but think I’ll mostly ride my Science Pocket. I Will take a few different wetsuit options too depending on the weather on the day.

The wave has around 50 minutes surfing time in each hour, I’ll be surfing for 40 minutes of that time. The other 20 minutes I’ll use to snack, hydrate and rest between each session. That should mean there won’t be any unwelcome friends bobbing along in the water!

The bodyboardig community have been incredibly supportive of me in this. I’ve had donations from people I have never spoken to but I’ve also had kind words and love from people who have also been through mental challenges. I’m overwhelmed by all the support but especially the boogers out there!

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