The Lengths You’ve Gone To….

The Lengths You’ve Gone To….

By Dan Dobbin.

Bodyboarders are a famously hardcore bunch when it comes to getting waves. There are all kinds of legendary tales that abound about the lengths we’ll go to in order to score.

15 hour trips through the night from the Sunny coast to find Aussie pipe 2ft and onshore, Brendo and crews ill fated Salty Dogs near death experiences, dudes partaking in dodgy medical trials to secure cash to fund another Hawaiian season, Mike Stewart’s legendary effort chasing one swell from Tahiti through California and on to Alaska.

Boogers go to the next level in chasing swells. In our new series ” The Lengths” we want to hear your most ambitious, heartbreaking, rewarding, disastrous or downright funny tales of what you’ve gone through in order to get waves and all that happened along way.

If you’ve got a great story to share, hit us on the insta DM’s or email to find out how you can share your story with the boogieverse!!!

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