Fatigue, Fines And Fallout.

Fatigue, Fines And Fallout.

By Dan Dobbin.

To say that it has been a busy start to the IBC world tour would be an understatement.

Three high level, high pressure contests beginning on the 8th of May and finishing up on the 29th. Almost three straight weeks of competition.

Arica, Iquigue and Antafagosta. A third of the world tour done and dusted in under a month. The race for the title looking like a two horse race between Tristan and Tanner. The Boogieverse interested and engaged.

All sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Well not quite…..

Having completed competing in their divisions, many international riders elected to forgo hanging around for another 5 days in Chile and made the decision to return home.

The hot rumour from the front says that the IBC has dished out fines to riders who have skipped town before the completion of the contest in Antofagasta and the official presentation ceremonies had taken place.

The fines are believed to be $1000 per rider censured. As $10,000 was the most money given out for first place in the men’s division, a G would be a fair financial wack for any of the riders who have be have been hit with the leaving early naughty tax.

Given that the riders are the IBC’s “product” it would seem an unwise move from the tours governing body to risk alienating or creating bad blood between themselves and the riders quibbling over a few days after many top riders have spent such a long stretch of time in Chile.

For all of the interest and momentum that the first three competitions have generate, it would be remiss of the IBC to believe that viewers are going to tune in to watch the tour contests if the best riders in the world are no longer competing.

The IBC is expected to issue a statement today.

More as the story develops….

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