A Fan Is Born!

A Fan Is Born!

By Dallas Singer.

I’m a huge sucker for sports loyalty. A slave to the emotional investment I have in my team. This feeling of connection is a matured sports fan, a feeling that can make it difficult to take on more emotional investment, like backing a new team or investing in a new sport.

Last Saturday night I stayed in and watched my favourite Rugby league team lose for the 7th week in a row. I’m a realist, the Knights were never going to win the game, my brain knew that, every bookie in Australia knew that, but I gave them my full attention for two hours, I still complained every time a fully qualified footballer dropped an easy pass!

The routine post-thrashing is consistent each week; increased heart rate, despair, bouts of anger. I’d typically switch the tv off and move over to the message boards to see what the rest of the hapless knights fans had to say.

Saturday night was different though. I’d seen a few images posted through the day of the early rounds of the Arica Bodyboarding event. “Geez been a while since I heard of that comp” I thought to myself. Aside from a brief day dream flashback to my own experiences in the event, that’s about all the time I had for it.

I’ve never watched bodyboarding events unless I was in it. It’s been a very long time since I gave a fuck about who was going to win a quarterfinal in a bodyboard contest.

But Saturday night was different.

Post Knights loss I punched in ‘Arica bodyboard event live’ in my YouTube search bar. Huh, there was the thumbnail with a ‘live’ icon on it. “That’s weirdly convenient” I thought, especially seeing I hadn’t even thought about watching a bodyboard event in the past 10 years.

Conditions looked sick, 6ft perfect conditions. I had completely forgot this wave pumped nearly everyday.

All four quarters were very watchable.

Geez this Tristan kids rips, he must love just the rights, nope there’s a pretty solid backy on a left.

Has Jeff still got it? I suppose he does!

Who’s this Matia guy? Shredder …

Why the fuck are the judges throwing out so many 10s?

Begos not a half bad commentator.

I didn’t know amaurys inverts looked that good.”

I watched 3 hours solid, of boogin event…. on the telly…..for the first time ever.

I’m invested.

I‘ve bought in.

It’s now round 6 of the next event further south in Iquique. I’ve followed the early rounds on posts and I’ve got all intentions on watching the later rounds tonight. I’ve never watched boogie events, but I am now. I could be on my way to becoming a full blown tragic, who knows?

I feel connected but not by participation, but by being a fan. Hat’s off to whoever put on the very watchable webcast last Saturday.

Is webcasting no big deal now? Can sport production be carried out with way less equipment? Is this 5G is all about?

Whatever the IBC are doing, keep doing it! The Arica contest showed just how skit boogin’ is in its natural habitat. Throw it in some hollow waves, a dry inside reef and a few die hard competitors and it’s hugely entertaining. Enough to take away the pain of another Knights loss.

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