Tubosfest: Argentinian Juniors Only Contest.

Tubosfest: Argentinian Juniors Only Contest.

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Could you briefly introduce yourself and the organisation running the contest?

My name is Lázaro, I´m 32 years old, free rider, multimedia designer and bodyboarding events organizer, working in the UMBB (Mar del Plata Bodyboarding Union), a local organizatión made by bodyboarders in 2013, to keep bodyboarding alive because of the lack of a national association.

What inspired you to run a juniors only competition?

The main reason is to separate in different days the Juniors competition, the wave frequency is very little in this part of the world, and we need a two weeks window to make a decent event. We think it’s unfair to send Juniors in bad waves conditions, which always happens by reserving the best moment of the day to Professional riders in every tournament.

U/12 chicas competitors.

What is the standard and participation rate like for junior riders in Argentina?

There are riders from 9 to 18 years old from all the Argentinian coast, most of them practicing at local Bodyboarding schools. They have a really good style, completing all types of maneuvers (Spin, Rollo, ARS, Backflip, Invert), going out every big swell that hits our coast, and some of them are starting to travel overseas to raise their level.

Which riders were the stand outs during the contest?

Miqueas Acevedo was the winner of the events in M18, showing consistency and power in every heat, and the one who stole the show was Mia Aspeleiter, a local girl who win against the boys in M14, she has a big rider spirit, went to Puerto Escondido at the age of 12, so probably you will be watching her on the World Tour in the upcoming years.

Water action.

Was there also be coaching / mentoring taking place?

There was a support team of volunteers taking care of the youngest riders in the lineup, the coaches of the riders were in the beach giving instructions and helping them with tactics and physical preparation.

How has support from sponsors been?

The sponsor’s support is limited, all the support is from local entrepreneurs and small businesses who put their hands to work helping with the organization and prizes. There are no big names of the Bodyboarding industry involved, and never was in the modern national bodyboarding history, except for the years when Erizos was managed by a local rider, Cris Antunez, also Science Bodyboards for a couple of years when uncle Mike came to visit us.

As seen from our experience, the main bodyboarding franchises in Argentina in some cases have been managed by businessmen who Surf and see Bodyboarding as a game, they sell a lot of brand new bodyboards, wetsuits, fins and leashes, but never put a single board for a Bodyboarding champion as a prize, there is only 1 rider sponsored in our country, Santiago Sanchez (Erizos).

Grom Stoke is where it’s at.

We understand that the contest will also supported by the Argentinian government, is that correct?

Our main sponsor in this event is ANSES (National Administration of Social Security), a government branch that manages the retirement, and assists the most vulnerable population, making a tremendous work by helping the youngest generations with economic injections, they want to push kids more likely into sports and study, that’s why they came with the idea of making a totally free events for kids under 18, and now they want to keep doing it during all the summer. Bodyboarding events in Argentina never had such structure: a LED big screen showing the heats, brand new rashies, free food for riders, and complete staff wages, they team work with us as another bodyboarding community member. The economic situation in the country is very harsh and delicate, and every little help for the young and their parents is very valuable.

Winners are grinners!

What are your hopes for the future with the contest?

Our main goal is to take back the Argentina Bodyboarding Tour, in the main bodyboarding breaks from all the coast (Villa Gesell, Mar del Plata, Miramar, Necochea). Also we want to start sharing the froth and teach kids from vulnerable neighborhoods to bodyboard and enjoy the waves. Organizing a stop of the Junior World Tour of Bodyboarding in our country is another of our goals.

The organisers.

Any other information you’d like to include feel free here:

We want to thanks to all the riders, their families and coaches involved in the Tubos Fest, also we want to make a shoutout to Bodyboarding manufacturers overseas to start supporting the local movements with decent prizes for the riders who give everything in this cold waters.


1 – Oriana Amado
2 – Mia Aspeleiter
3 – Bianca Vicente

🥇 Under 12:
1 – Bautista Veck
2 – Iñaki Garcia Rabini
3 – Oriana Amado
4 – Benjamin Blasco

🥇 Under 14:
1 – Mia Aspeleiter
2 – Nicolás Rolón
3 – Joaquín Prieto
4 – Valentín Firpo

🥇 Under 18:
1 – Miqueas Acevedo
2 – Ignacio Larralde
3 – Joaquín Rodriguez
4 – Mateo Ripamonti

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