Shock! Action Bronson Not The Only Boogin’ Rap Star!

Shock! Action Bronson Not The Only Boogin’ Rap Star!

By Dan Dobbin.

The people are revolting, the masses arising, raising their voices in a rapturous cacaphony ” Let my rapper boog!”

In the fortnight or so since the Big Apple based lyricist, foodie and fun booger dropped his heavily bodyboarding focused single “Sub Zero” it has amassed almost 100,000 views on the YouTube’s and almost 700,000 listens on the Spotify.

The Infoamed of the music world Rolling Stone magazine reported on the release and upcoming new album from Bronson thus:

“Action Bronson survives a tsunami and a missile attack while riding a surfboard in the silly, purposely shitty video-game-like visual for his new single “SubZero.” The track is the first single off his upcoming album Cocodrillo Turbo.

Upon announcing Cocodrillo Turbo, Action stated, “I first came up with this album while in the water. I’ve spent many lifetimes in the water. I’m just a water man. I was born in the water, I’m a water sign.”

A waterman! Perhaps Action may challenge for this year’s ” Waterperson of the year”  awarded by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association to those who:

promote awareness of the surf industry and participation in the sport of surfing through public relations efforts and a variety of services, educational programs and research”

Google, however is suggesting that the ” Bronson affect” hasn’t quite kicked off a wider interest the Boog amoungst the normies…..

Anywho, we digress….

In news that will thrill lovers of celebrity culture, surfing for fun, and any publicity is good publicity, it seems that Action is not the only famous / rapper/ booger cross over exponent!

Oliver Tree (real name apparently!) is a Musician producer, singer, rapper, songwriter, comedian, filmmaker.

According to the website  Celebrity Talent International:

Oliver Tree’s music transcends genres. The artist is a talented individual; he is a vocalist, producer, and creative director. He is known for his art, humor, and originality. Oliver Tree has obtained thousands of plays on his tracks through Soundcloud.

He’s also had two top ten singles in the charts the past few months. Apparently…. So I’ve been told……

He’s also, according to our new standards, a fellow booger!

Don’t believe me?

Observe below:

Falling in line with community standards, we here at Infoamed welcome our newest celebrity boog brother and look forward to his continual promotion of the fun of boogieing to a wider mainstream audience and embrace the future opportunities that his participation will bring to our humble past time.

Todos somos Oliver Tree!

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