Mouises Pro 2022.

Mousies Pro 2022

by Joe Jordanoff.

The highly anticipated Mousies Pro has been run and won with extreme conditions greeting competitors. The renown shallow reef break delivered the goods on the Easter Good Friday holiday and there was plenty of skin left on the reef. Competitors were left bruised and battered after entering the Colosseum with each rider leaving everything on the table.

The annual contest (only in it’s second year) compromises of local bodyboarders, surfer cross overs, tradesmen, photographers and just a bunch a bloody good blokes looking to have fun times in the water and on the beach. There is a lot of respect for the ‘Trap’ with many riders growing up here, proving themselves at the break and genuinely having a lot of affection for this tight patch of reef.

Only one man could take home the honours and the prestigious Mouse Trap Trophy on the day with local legend Matty ‘Ratty’ Allan rising to the occasion.


Riding deep on the foam ball throughout the whole event and flipping over the shallow ledge, Matty Allan put aside personal safety and charged like a rampaging bull to take home the win!

It wasn’t easy with a strong field of riders in every heat and Grand Flavours very own Chad Jackson pushing Allan all the way. Jackson was leading for some of the final and placed a gallant runner up with his slick pits and explosive airs over the shallow reef. Scotty Mackinon braved a potentially broken hand which was ripped to shreds over the reef to make the final and still compete, while contest director Ben ‘Hummer’ Jasinski took off out of the blocks early with barrel to roll combinations and rounded out the final.

📷 South West Saltwater.

Last years winner, Joe Johnson produced the best heat of the day riding his 1980’s, one piece bodyboard with a flat tail but was unable to progress through his semi final. Johnson produced miracle air drops to backdoor pits and ARS’s over the reef to sail through to the semi’s but that was all she wrote for the inaugural winner.

The invitational event has become hugely popular since it’s inception in 2021 and it looks set to grown in the years ahead, some even touting it as a potential world tour destination in the future.

Contest organizers could neither confirm nor deny there was talk of Jeff Hubbard flying in from Hawaii to compete but apparently the Western Australia’s hard border was a deterrent for the high flying world champion. Crowd capacities were limited to 75% but it didn’t stop hundreds of spectators flocking to the beach to witness history in the making.

Competitors list.

Yallingup’s Ben Stratton, one of the masterminds behind the event, sees unlimited potential for the event with it’s thriving popularity, especially amongst the bodyboard/surfer cross over riders who froth on a range of wave riding vehicles. Regrettably, Stratton was dealt a cruel injury blow while training and wasn’t able to compete for the second year running. The event didn’t even have rashies during heats, just individuals making a name for themselves in the local slabatron break.

Notable mentions from the event were Scotty Mack taking home the Ben Stratton award for best wipe out with a shredded hand. Bunbury charger Adam Leuhman put on a show pre contest while warming up and had everyone worried by his reckless approach to the wave but he peaked to early, unable to advance in his heat. Leuhman proceeded to sink a few beverages after his heat and took over the microphone as master of ceremonies with some expert commentary and hilarious write offs all day long.

At the end of the day, the 2022 event delivered some of the biggest Mousies pits ever ridden, perfect offshore conditions and some insane riding from the group of assembled riders that just all enjoy going for it at this almost famous slab. It think we all agree that Mouse Traps was the winner in this year’s stellar event and everyone admires this iconic surf break. Look out for the highlight reels coming soon and until next year – Get Trapped.

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