Enter The Void.

Enter The Void.

What’s better than a local, grassroots surf flick? Russell Quinn and Sam Duffy have just wrapped up filming ” Into the Void” shot around the South Coast of Oz over the last two years. We lined up our cadet journo Billy to chat with the boys over the socials about their project.

Hey boys, I saw last week you posted that’s a wrap we are done filming, How long have you been gathering footage for this project?

R.Q: My mate Sam Duffy and I have been filming for around 2.5 years now. We started just before Covid and just wrapped up last weekend. Luckily we snagged that last massive south swell before we finished up.
Just adding her Sam incase he wants to add anything to any questions.
He loves the limelight.

Cool, hey Sam.

S.D: Pleasure to be here. Let us know if you need any headshots from Russ or I.
Yeah a 2.5 year quest which actually started during the very first lockdown period of Covid back in 2020. We had the luxury of being able to travel up and down the coast surfing / filming and got blessed with really good waves during that first lockdown period.

Yeah, we heard early on in the lockdowns there where quite a few good uncrowded XXXX days, will they make the final cut?

Interestingly enough we barely had any footage of XXXX during the first year of filming. The lockdown and the closure of Booderee Park that followed, actually allowed us to head south and shoot waves that we wouldn’t go to on a typical day chasing surf. So it was actually nice to have a break from continually surfing / shooting pipe and gather some content from all the other incredible surrounding waves.

Nice, I love that your covering different surfcraft. Did you also get some footage of the kneelo guys from down there? or any other stuff apart from boog surfboards

Yeah it’s really cool actually, it’s probably an even 50/50 split with boogs and stand up. We do have a few clips of one of the iconic south coast kneelo’s. As well as some funny coffins etc at some of the Bay’s novelty waves

If this where a feature film who would be your lead actor or actress? Any stories you’d like to share about them?

RQ: Haha great question…We don’t actually feature any particular riders too heavily. It’s a really good mix of riders. The majority are just underground rippos from the South Coast. On the boogs you’ve got the usual heavies like Korrey Smith, Morgan Brown, and then also some nice waves of Liam Lucas – the final prince of booging for NSW haha. I’ll let Sam comment on the standups that are featured…

SD: Yeah it’s a nice diverse mix of characters that make up the cast. Your full time tradie / office clerk. Who has the ever challenging task, of juggling a strict parenting or girlfriend schedule with the incoming tide and swift change of wind from south east to eventually north east. Our riders don’t have the luxury of endless time at their disposal, so when they do get in the water, they make it count. The classic Ozzie battler approach.

There is also a couple of cafe surfers amongst the mix. Who spend the morning sampling coffee from multiple local venues, before eventually hitting the lineup just as the onshore is setting in. As execute film directors, Russ and I tend to fall into the latter of those two categories!

Biggest character in the crew? Morgan (Brown) ?

SD: Morgan and Vaughan Hoekman.
Vaughan’s talents don’t just end at bodyboarding and stand up surfing, he’s also absolutely hilarious in front of a camera.
If this was Oceans 11 he’d be Brad Pitt. A south coast version of him anyway. A few more home job tattoos and VB’s than what Brad is probably accustomed to.

RQ: Haha I don’t think vawn has any waves on the boogs in it. Maybe 1?
Cool I’m asking these type of Qs cause I know all the crew shred in the water, but man you guys have a fun bunch of characters down there.

SD: Yeah one boog wave out pipe and then a few other really funny alternative craft waves from sessions in the Bay. Yeah they are a bunch of funny pricks.

Ok younger crew, is there some kids coming up and still a healthy group of kids frothing to get in the water down there?

RQ: From a bodyboarding perspective it’s always the younger Pipe locals who are the standout performers. Young Ben Brown and Kalani have the local spots dialled. To be honest there’s not a huge amount of younger boogers in our area. The majority ride standups, Ben & Kalani included.

One of the main reasons we did this film was to get some local stoke going again amongst the younger kids. A local premiere night is the best way to do that. There’s got to be more for them rather than just posting a quick photo or clip on Insta. Hopefully a few of them pick up a camera and start shooting their own local projects so we can keep that community / surfing spirit alive.

I noticed in your posts there where quite a few novelty sessions. Thinking back to when we where groms they are more memorable than the pumping days. Was this planned or just that those sessions came up? I feel it’s a great way to show kids no matter what level they are or how good the conditions are you can still have a blast.

RQ: The funny thing was we had every intention of filling the film with pumping, exotic waves, but the allure of the local novelty waves was too strong. As Sam mentioned, at the beginning we were doing quite a few trips down the coast and chasing waves. But as time went on it became harder to sacrifice an entire day. I had a young baby at home and Sam had just started a new business. Luckily we were blessed with constant south swells and the local novelties started lighting up. But at the end of the day that’s what the young kids really want to see – their friends surfing the local breaks.

Thanks guys
Would you like to give shout outs to anyone, riders, filmers?

Thanks for the following legends for the additional footage:

Rob Slater
SD: Pleasure guys. Thanks for the support!

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