O.G. Island Local Destroys Club Comp.

O.G. Island Local Destroys Club Comp.

By Dan Dobbin.

Ronnie “Skull” Hill was a contemporary of  the early Island pioneers like Doug Robson, Wazza Feinbeer and the Skid Kids,   pioneering and charging many of Cronulla’s now well know reefs.

Skull was last seen in the boogin’ world helping to paddle a slab of beer out to the judging boat in the inaugural Shark Island Challenge in 1998.

📷 Bodyboard museum.

Funnily enough, Skulls latest cameo appearance into the boogieverse has again involved the Island, but this time in a very different context.

It seems that in the intervening 25 odd years, Ol’ Ronnie has moved on from the simplicity of the boogie and embraced the high tech, the future is now world of motorised jet boarding.

All fine and dandy, except for the fact that last weekend Ronnie took his fangle dangle broom broom rocket and cut laps straight through the middle of a Cronulla Bodyboard Club contest.

Now despite Ronnie’s insistence across various surf media that the guys in the comp were all good with his antics, it seems that this may also be a supercharged fib.

We caught up with a few boogin’ eye witnesses to the madness to get their take.

Des Wendell, Owner Emerald Surf Shop:

Ronnie has been doing this shit for years! Trying to go doubles behind people,outracing the barrel and being a constant pest! He’s is the most hated Person in Cronulla for sure!

I’m happy if you put my name to it I don’t give a fuck! He ran over my mate rooster  who was shooting the comp for us like 5 times! I was in the tent judging with Pyno, Ronnie is a pest and out of 30 people in the line up nobody was cool with it!”

Sam Strachan actually threw his board at Ronnie in the comp and it knocked him off his motorised surfboard and then Ronnie came back out and tried to fight a kid while Strachan was yelling it was me cunt what are ya going to do? Ringa and Benny Williams were screaming at him but he ignored them! Ronnie is full of shit!

Sam Stracham picks up the story:

Well he’s a blatant danger to the line up, so we’ve always giving him hell. He was carrying on in the comp and especially for the AA kids, just ruining the comp for them.”

You can’t get near the bloke to chat to him because the things so quick so I paddled out for the final and he burned a grom so I just hurled my board at the cunts head. Cleaned him up, worst part though is he then targeted the 14 year old grom still in his AA heat in the same coloured rashy thinking it was him. Circling him carrying on so I started screaming at him saying ” It was me Cunt, come over here.

Billiams and Ringa were also in the line up, proper OG’s, so they started calling him over too and he just pinned it back into the river where he parks! Such a pussy, trying to staunch a little kid then bailed when other adults called him out.”

So it seems that the Cronulla region has its very own supervillain!

To hear Hills side of the story listen below:

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