Spat: Jesse Sunset vs Koby Abberton.

Spat: Jesse Sunset vs Koby Abberton.

Sometimes the world is a deliciously ironic place. In the comments section of Stab magazines article entitled ” When Did We Decide To Mindlessly Stop Hating Bodyboarding?” the little age old war between surfers and boogers once again reared its head. Indonesian based ‘Bra Boy Koby Abberton just couldn’t help himself and began throwing keyboard barbs. Boogers virtually retaliated, a very modern day conflict. Loudest of all is throwing return virtual haymakers back at Kobe’s was Jesse Willasee aka Jesse Sunset whom we caught up with for a little chinwag about what transpired.

Can you give us a little introduction on yourself?

I’m Jesse Sunset. I’m an artist from Avalon Beach but for the past few years I’ve been living in Venice Beach, California. I’m out here making music and surfing when there’s waves.

What’s your history / involvment in the boogin’ scene?

I was heavily involved in the Australian bodyboarding scene from about age 14 to 18. I did the pro junior tour, I competed on the Australian tour, and I competed in one world tour event at The Box in Margaret River, Western Australia. I dropped out of school at age 14 so I could spend more time concentrating on bodyboarding. When I was 17 I did my first Hawaiian season. And after that I honestly think from taking it so seriously and focussing on it so hard, I burned myself out by 18. I took a few years off, and now I bodyboard all the time. I love it again.

Jesse at home.

You recently became embroiled in an online staunch with ‘Bra boy Koby Abberton, what was that about?

Stab Magazine put up an article on how bodyboarders and surfers don’t hate each other anymore. And if you looked at the comments section on that article you’d know that is still not completely true !

The loudest person in that comments section was Koby Abberton. He was basically saying that he disrespected boog riders and had taken over boog spots and they did nothing about it. I simply pointed out to him that some of the boogs had done something about it – some of them smashed up his car. Within the bodyboarding community there are some very talented car window Picassos. I don’t condone people smashing up cars but it was a long time ago so it’s funny to laugh about now. I’ve had my car smashed up by a girl’s angry ex-boyfriend and that was no fun.

Koby achieving much without wearing flippers at a wave found by bodyboarders.

Have you had any previous experiences or beef with Koby before this?

When I was 14, I was surfing a notorious slab on the Central Coast. Koby and a mate paddled out and proceeded to take every set wave. Kobys mate fell top to bottom on every wave he took off on. And Koby blew most of the sets he took as well. One of the local bodyboarders called him out for being disrespectful. To which Koby replied, “Do you want to fight?” And asked everyone else out there if they wanted to fight. Needless to say the vibes in the water that day were completely off.

Later that day I heard someone messed with his car and apparently he was hunting people down trying to find out who did it. I think at the end of the day bodyboarders love to hate Koby as much as Koby loves to hate bodyboarders. I don’t hate Koby it’s all love and a bit of a laugh.

Jesse gaining Koby’s respect by standing up.

You publically threw out a challenge to Koby, what was it and what do you hope to achieve with it?

I challenged koby to do an ARS on a boog at a wave of consequence. He says bodyboarding is easy. Yet I bet $5000 because I know he cant do it. He’s being an arm chair quarterback. Reminds me of when I watch the WSL over a few beers and think look at that unsytlish kook, when I could never surf a short board like that. What he should be saying is “I don’t like that or think it’s cool” but to say it’s easy when he could never do it Is a bit cringe.

Anything else you’d like to add feel free here.

Yeah I wanna add go listen to my new song My Girl.

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