Bunnings Boogers!

Bunnings Boogers!

By Dan Dobbin.

Potting mix ✔️. Garden shears ✔️ NMD Player Spect limited 42′ PP bodyboard✔️.

That’s right, along with a free sausage sanga, you can now pick yourself up a new sled on your Saturday morning run for homewear supplies to Bunnings.

Bunnings, for our overseas readers is described by Infoamed’s resident sociological correspondent Thunder Lees as thus:

“A hotbed of anti-vax DIY enthusiasts who would rather explore seven hectares of multinational terrain than put money into the pockets of mum and dad local suppliers and trade slaves“.

In colloquial Aussie slang, Bunnings store chain buildings are fuck off big home and hardware supply stores strategically littered around Australian suburbs.

They also now, apparently, serve as retailers for core boogin’ hardware.

Fuckin’ weird hey!

I’ll admit I love these quirky little happenings within the boogieverse, love being the National Enquirer of boogin’ media, so I’ve got to throw it out there, where is the strangest place you’ve ever seen a booger for sale?

Hit us in the insta comments with your recollections, best one wins a few Infoamed stickers from our fresh stack.

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