Lids For Lismore Raffle Pack 3.

Lids For Lismore Raffle Pack 3.

Who Weeee boogieverse, this week’s Lids For Lismore is a rippa!

Straight up we have a brand spankin’ new Hardy Shapes Anarchy board bedeck in a splendid midnight blue hue, red pin and sparkling silver slick. This thing just looks FAST…..

The other amazing part of this weeks raffle pack is a bullshit $250 pack of Unite gear!

The Unite brand has long and deep roots in the affected Northern New South Wales area, with brand founder Joel Taylor having grown up nestled deep with the bosum of the area and cutting his teeth ripping apart swaths of Lennox / Ballina oceanic faces over the years.

If you’ve been keeping your powder dry on the raffle packs up until now, we’d suggest that this one might be a good one to throw the kitchen sink at.

$25 a ticket, multiple ticket entries encouraged, all you have to do is hit the “donation” button below on any of our articles and donate through PayPal with all proceeds going to Headlanders bodyboard club to distribute to anyone in the local surfing and boogin’ community they know could use a little helping hand after back to back devastating floods.

Get on it!

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