Lids For Lismore Raffle Pack 2!

Lids For Lismore Raffle Pack 2!

Fuck yes, boogin’ community, fuck yes!

Raffle pack number 1 in the bag and almost $2000 dollars already raised to go towards helping out those in far north coast communities that have been decimated by the recent floods.

Coming in hawt is Raffle pack 2 featuring the following gear:

The big ticket item for pack 2 is a 42′ Science Style board in the classic Mike Stewart blue, yellow and red colourway.

Stews blurb on the board reads thus:

The Style Template is the perfect balance between speed, control and manoeuvrability , This is a universal design that will work well in all conditions for all types of moves. The style will allow you to flow your moves together or just as easily loft an air or arc a carving reverse“.

Also included in your $25 entry fee is the following smick lookin’ threads from the legends at D5 Bodyboard shop.

Seriously, $25 for the chance to win epic gear while also helping others in need, what more incentive do you need?

Get in quick, entries are limited to only 100 tickets (multiple tickets encouraged 😉) so hit the donation button below and sling in $25 through PayPal to go in the running to win!

(Australia only unless willing to pay for shipping).

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