Mike Out!

Mike Out!

By Dan Dobbin.

The Boog Jam, due for launch in a predicted 10-15ft bombing swell tomorrow will mark the 40th anniversay of the very first World championship pipeline contest held in 1982.

Throughout the different format inerations, sponsors and generations of riders there has been one constant, namely one Michael Stewart.

Now if the intel coming out of the coconut wireless is to be believe, for the first time in since he began competing, Mike will miss a pipeline comp.

Rumour has it that the great one has been laid low by some form of bug, picked up while travelling in South America for the Bocus Invitational. Unconfirmed, the culprit being possibly to probably Covid, because that would be the only thing with the strict protocols around the contest we could imagine that keep an uber competitive dude like Mike from wanting to take on all comes at maxing pipe.

New age phenom and future face of bodyboarding Tanner Mickey D’s was also in extreme doubt having been suffering from the same cough cough, but appears probable to likely to take his place in the 40 man field.

Having a quick gander through the draw and heat 1 looks worth your eyeballs, features 5 world champs in Dave Dubb, Iain Campbell, Sammy Morts, Tanner and Pauly B.

Heat 3 will have a Hubb vs Hardy shoot out and for comedic value Heat 4 will feature Thor Seraphin probably riding a foil boogie in mountainous waves which might be the best or worst thing you’ve ever seen.

With Mike out your author is now on the A. Botha train. Toot Toot!

Watch the action live on the Surfline Pipeline cam.


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