Infoamed poddy no 7.

Infoamed poddy no 7.

It all comes back to Pipeline!

Hot of the heels of the hype that bled out of surfing’s amazing WSL Pipeline contest came the hot, hot, hot news that our very own Pipeline contest would be happening, but with a little twist!

By now we’re sure you’re all across the news that the ” Boog Jam” will be happening very, very soon.

In the Infoamed poddy no 7, take 2, we have ourselves a little rootin’ tootie’ pipeline contest special as we count down the days until the action kicks off.

“Stat Man” makes his debut as Reece delves into some shallow facts from the last 40 years of competition, including a somewhat shocking fact about legend Guilherme Tamega.

We chatted to APB representative and organiser of the ” Boog Jam” Josh Kirkman to get the inside scoop on what the big comp is all about, including the possible comeback of boogin’ first world champ Daniel Kaimi to the competitive stage.

Plus stories of riding the flow rider in San Diego, our picks on who’ll win the contest, sentimental favourites, a rant on the disparity between men and women’s prize money and much more!

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