Import/Export: Curtis Prior.

Import/Export: Curtis Prior.

Quick introduction on who you are and where you began boogin’?

Gday! My name is Curtis Prior. I grew up on the Gold Coast and started on the boog at the age of 13.

What prompted you to move countries?

I’ve been travelling since I was 15 each year to bodyboard and after I did a 2 year stint living in the UK I flew to Canada on the way back to Australia to visit my sister and found out that they actually have pretty good waves there. After a bit of research I moved back 8 months later (2013) and never left.

Before arriving in your new country what did you think it would be like?

I had a rough idea and it’s pretty much been spot on. Basically surfing quality over quantity and being very cold.

Have these expectations been confirmed or altered?

It’s still pretty spot on. Although I’ve adjusted to the colder weather and that makes it a lot easier. Having all the right gear is very important

What do you love about your new home?

I love how chill and laid back it is. Very nice to be outta the big city and just camping and surfing a lot. The people over there are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

What do you miss about your old home country?

The warm water and consistency of swells. I’ve been back in Aus for 2 months right now and feeling very blessed to be able to check spots from my car and webcams. Everywhere I’m Canada is a hike in and a long drive.

Any funny cross cultural misunderstandings you’d like to share?

No one knows what a bodyboard is over there. They just think your a kook for having one. Only all the top dudes who surf good and have travelled fully understand what bodyboarders can do and respect it.

Key advice you would give for anyone visiting?

Give yourself a solid month to be able to get good waves. Unless you can travel with money not being an option!

How are the Boogin’ Community similar and different in the two countries?

There really isn’t a boog community over here. I basically just surf with my one mate Greg Vorster who found the majority of these waves and welcomed me into his life which has now provided me everything I could ask for.

What do you hope the future holds for you?

Just more good times and good waves. Life’s good and easy over there!

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