Pipe Comps Are Go!

Pipe Comps Are Go!

By Dan Dobbin.

Fear not intrepid Pipeline freaks, action is incoming!

Late last week came the announcement that the 2022 Women’s Bodyboarding Championships would be going ahead with a 10 day waiting period from late February into early March. 

A triumvirate of the Clamdragger Traci Effinger, O.G. Carol Phillips and Allen Lennard amongst others put in the hard yards to get female boogers from around the globe a crack at wrangling pipe pits with only three others out.

Now hot on the heels of this announcement comes the equally exciting news that the very first “Boog Jam” will go down during the same waiting period!

The “Boog Jam” I hear you ask?

Our Lord and saviour Mike explained it thus last year when he conceived the concept:

To produce a fun, more engaging event while eliminating onsite infrastructure, beach personnel and onsite judges. At the same time minimizing the amount of people in the water as well as decreasing spectators on the beach.

The idea in a nut shell is to capture each ride in HD video, which would then be curated into a live broadcast some weeks later.
40 competitors (10 each heat, two hour heats) would push each other to win various performance categories.

Read more here:


From the APB event registration website:

The APB Pipeline Boog Jam 2022 presented by Wexxle will see a new format and experience for riders at the infamous Banzai Pipeline, seeing them compete against previous champions of the event for Pipeline glory.

The event will be COVID-safe, using remote video judging after the completion of the day’s competition and minimal human contact for maximum safety.

Entry Fee: 260 USD + 40 USD (optional) for full access to event content for personal use. No refunds, but entry can be transferred if unable to compete due to positive RAT on day of competition.

During the comp there will be 4 x 10 person heats with priority positions determined from the shore with prone, dropknee and standup boogie scored equally. Each heat will be 55 minutes long.

The competition will give priority to previous Pipeline champions. Bigwigs like Mike Stewart, Guilherme Tamega, Jeff and Dave Hubb, Ryan Hardy, Andre Botha, Sevo and Paulo Barcellos have already registered.

If you think you have what it takes to take on these legends at Pipeline, the remaining spots will be filled on a first come basis and you can register here:


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