Infoamed poddy no. 6

Infoamed poddy no 6.

By Dan Dobbin.

In your bi-fortnightly drop of misinformed waffle Nath, Reece and your author once again meander through the hills and valleys of the boogieverse stopping to smell the flowers on a menagerie of topics.

We chat the prospective upcoming Women’s Pipeline comp, with The Clamdragger aka Tracey Effinger being tasked with digging deep into the clamdragging fraternity to secure enough women to justify running a competition.

Clamdragger clamdragging.

What was the early Women’s world champ controversy that continues to simmer to this day?

Robert Kelly Slater started his oceanic lifestyle on a booger, so we muse over the what if? of the worlds most competitive surfer remaining a booger. Could the boogieverse have sustained a Stewart / Tamega/ Slater Menage a trios in competition?

Keeelllyyy on the nizzle.

Ever wondered what Matt Percy is up to these days? Here’s a clue he’s heavily on the B_ _ _ _ _ _s. Listen to find out more.

GoPro footage and GoPro users: Hit or shit? We reach a unanimous consesus on the expensive little Hero makers.

We also dig into why hipsters never run boogers, talk sustainable boards of the future and lots, lots more.

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