Review: Science TS Tri-quad .

Science TS Tri-quad.

By Dan Dobbin.

This board opened up my imagination. It took a few sessions on it before I realised I was holding it back!
Once I realised I was riding Black Caviar, my jockey skills adapted and my mind was blown! The stop start speed was the best I’ve ever felt and the harder you pushed the faster it went”.

That’s a quote from D5 surf shop owner and competitive machine Johnny Cruikshank from a DM convo when I was considering purchasing the Science TS Tri-quad late last year.

With over 30 years of riding under his belt, coupled with the ability to run his eye over almost every board model dropped by each manufacturer that he sells through D5 for the past decade plus, it’s fair to say Johnny knows his boards, so I was intrigued.

The blurb from Mike Stewart about the design features on the TS Tri-quad reads thus:

The New Tri / Quad Channel Tail combo is a on or off Channel System. It engages when you need it and has a normal ride in cruise mode. The Four Channels are narrow and deep with a flat section in centre to help give you a bit more release when you need it. Push hard on your rail and the quads rip in with hold and drive and combined with the Tri Crescent hooks in the First and Fourth Channel this allows you to turn sharper and still keep the hold and drive your after”.

Essentially the nuts and bolts of this puppy is all about the back end.

Your authors first experience with the advantages of the Tri-cresent tail set up came at a local reef which features a nice little spill in before detonating on an inside shelf. The spill in allows for some nice drawn out set up carves to be laid down setting up for the forthcoming barrel section, and it was  during these weaves that the Tri- crescent / quad channel set up came into its own.

Think experiencing power steering on a car for the first time, more effortless and precise turning.

The tail / channel combo gives you a little extra pep and drive as you lay the board on rail, allowing for harder carving and then driving from deeper as you come into sections.

Basically, following Newton’s Third law of motion ( For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) the fact that you can really lay into the rail work on the TS Tri-quad while still maintaining control means that  this board can get you in and out of  places on a wave that others may not.

I rode this board for almost every day for two months straight chasing the Cyclone Seth swell at the Superbank and Kirra and then all throughout the preceding easterly pulses that have peppered the east coast of Australia at open beachies and the local reefs.

It was only after I jumped back on my regular groveler once the swell finally drop under 3ft that I noticed just how much of a difference in drive and control the Tri-crescent Quad set up made to my expectations of where I was able to but my board on a wave.

You’ll want to be surfing something with a bit of juice or a clean face to get the full experience out of the TS Tri-quad. However, if you’re seeking more drive combined with increased control (Which booger isn’t?) you’d be hard pressed to go past the Science TS Tri-quad.

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