Infoamed poddy 5.

Infoamed poddy 5.

Why are the best dropkneers of all time all goofy footers? Lindholm Roach, Aka, Kainoa, Ballard and Dave Hubb…Does Sammy Morrentio deserve a place here? Are there any natural footers that could take a place in that list? Your author argues “no” while 2004 Aussie DK tour champ Nathan Graham argues “yes”. Is the sighting of Matt Lackey, Kyle Maligro, Crispen Hughesg, Damian King or a plethora of Aussie DK shredders Like Grant Maloney, DCoy, Matt Klimowitz and underground Hawaiian’s enough to tip the scales?

Speaking of Lindholm, find out why the ancient Hawaiian orical should have been bodyboardings first world champion, but in a sliding doors moment was relegated to second place through a combination of surf size, gender and administrative decisions as we delve a little into the final Lid Game question.

We run a critical eye over “Lewy’s back” and “The Moosumentary”, compare and contrast Dane Woods’ effort charging slabs against riders like Pedro Levi and Andrew Karr attempting to ride large waves like Nazare’ and Peahi.

As a nod to our new Infoamed series entitled “Import / Export” where we speak to riders who have swapped out their home country for elsewhere we ask “If you couldn’t like in Australia, where would you go?” Hawaii, The Cook Islands, New Zealand, France and Portugal were all bandied around, but where did we end up?

We go well into the night not really answering listener questions on where all the custom shapers have gone in Oz, competitions in wave pools, discuss the upcoming Boxfest contest presented by Port Stephens district bodyboarders club (and reminisce about the early days of our time running the club), Mike Stewart’s Pro Bodyboarding on P.C. and the top 5 regulators on Boogin’ plus other random segways and dead ends.

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