Infoamed poddy No 4.

Infoamed poddy No 4.

By Dan Dobbin.

Ahhh January. Cricket, Cicada’s, sunburns and Hawaii.

For generations of bodyboarders the Hawaiian pilgrimage was a right of passage. These days…not so much.

However, this doesn’t stop us from taking a trip down memory lane as the boys recall Keiki drownings, Kainoa regulating, cluelessness out at Pipeline and Mike finally snapping.

We weight in on the APB riders top 25 moments of competition series, sizing up Stewart’s classic rollo, Hardy’s millenium spin and Jacob Romero’s moonvert as potential worthy winners.


Did Dallas Singer deliberately throw a heat in order to win a stack of cash during the IBA contest at The Box in 2011? Follow the clickbait to the poddy if you want to hear the story behind the story.

Plus Reece unveils the sentimental story behind this vintage boog gold, we take listener questions on the best locations for a hypothetical Australian national tour, discussing Stewart’s success as a mentor to previous Science sponsored riders, throw out some Lid Game questions and unveil the $34 challenge.

Sentimental vintage gold!

Wrap your listen gear around the waffle below 🤘.


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