The Lid Game Questions 7, 8 and 9.

The Lid Game Questions 7, 8 and 9.

By Dan Dobbin.

Well phew whee, we are well and truly into the home straight in The Lid Game. Questions 7, 8 and 9 have all been run and won since we last checked in and the three wise men remain wise and still standing.

Hubby, Whitey and Policare have all gone tick, tick, tick on all challenges laid before them.

Question 7 postulated to the triumvirate “Who won and lost a Pipe contest on the same day?”

A seemingly difficult task one would assume, however this is exactly the scenario that befel Ben Player in the final event of the 2007 world tour.

Proclaimed the contest winner and World Champion to boot, you could bet your bottom dollar Ben was off to the proverbial races that afternoon when video footage came to light that cast a palour over the pipe win.

Ben says of the incident:

I think they gave me Ryan’s score though, he only caught one wave in the final from memory and they gave the score to me and so announced me as winning, and later realised the error and gave the score back to Ryan, putting me in 2nd and Kings in 1st. And bumping Ryan up from 4th to to 3rd”.

Ben post world title win.

So there you go, it is possible to win and lose a Pipe contest on the same day. Still a world championship is a far consolation…..

Question 8 ripped down a hopeful curve ball to the learned tripod hoping to catch someone in a moment of weakness. When asking ” Who is the youngest professional rider to win a World Championship?” we hoped to rope-a-dope a quick fire response of “Andre Botha” which would have proven a false response.

The correct answer is of course Austria’s Alexandra Rinder who took victory in the women’s world tour in @#$_ at only 16 yrs of age, piping Andre’s victory at 17 by a year.

Rounding out our trident of questions came number 9: ” Which rider has scored covershots of both a Bodyboarding and Surfing magazine?

Now we’re not going to lie, we thought this one may finally unglue a competitor or two. However, shortly after dropping the question, it because obvious that such astute students of the boogieverse would not be so easy to shake loose. In fact Whitey and Glenn so confident in their answer’s that they even began spruiking puns in The Lid Game official chat.

The answer? Over to you Hubb…

That’s right, the oldest of the Hardy brothers, Gene, has scored covers of Riptide bodyboarding magazine and Australian Surfing Life, one prone, one on his feet.

Gene’s covershot glory.

In other Gene trivia, he’s also a world bellyboarding champion having competed in and won a title while traveling through England in the early 2000’s.

The final Lid Game question drops on Wednesday……

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