Review: Stealth Soft Fins.

Review: Stealth Soft Fins.

By Luke Pleydon

Stealth swim fins have recently released a new fin,the S2 super softs, and boy they live up to their name!

I’m fairly lean and keen, so paddle my arse off for any wave I can sniff out. Propulsion isn’t something I necessarily care about in a fin, as I’m usually hungry enough to ease on to any wave I want without thinking about how hard I’ve had to paddle for it.

If your a bigger fella and have had a big Christmas on the tooth then these fins may not be for you as they offer a bit less propulsion then your usual stiff blade.

For your average rider however I highly recommend these beauties. They are super light weight and flexible as hell,when you first put them on and start paddling it definitely feels like nothing you’ve felt before in a fin (bar your old churchies you’ve left in the sun for a decade).

The Stealth Soft Fins have worked really well for me. They feel pre worn in as soon as you whack them on. Now that I’ve had a pair I can’t see myself going back to regular stiffness fins anytime soon. For reference I’m size 10-11 foot and the ML fit me like a glove and cause no rubbing and provide epic comfort.

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