Infoamed poddy No 3!

Infoamed poddy No 3!

By Dan Dobbin.

Thanks to a much appreciated and timely donation by a mysterious benefactor (who may or may not be the father of a famous pro) we now have the one thing a serious podcast should have….better audio!

Freshly armed with our new Yeti blue mic, 2004 Ozzie DK champ Nathan Graham, photographer to the stars Reece Dobbin and your author sat down on a windy Saturday evening to once again cast a weathered eye over the bodyboarding world.

In the cross hairs this Ep. we dissected Liam Lucas’s wavepool shredding at URBNSURF and declared it the best ever.

Liam going ham.

We cast a critical eye over the “action” at the Annaelle challenge and found it somewhat wanting.

We declare Pride bodyboards the most motivated and upwardly mobile brand in the boogieverse, but ask the question “Why do they not sell in Australia?”.

Hot on the heals of Natty G’s first new prone board purchase in 5 years, we dive into what we look for in boards and discover that we all have different tastes, ranging through asthetics, durability and variability as key concepts in our poly-pony steeds.

We soft announce a planned new content concept with master shaper Todd Quigley thanks to the handful of patreons we’ve had jump on board.

The big ticket item for the episode is the debate over Pierre Louis Costes’s place in the competitive / cultural landscape as he equals Stewart and Hubb’s record of 15 tour event wins with his victory at the Annaelle challenge.

PLC’s place in this Pantheon?

We also riff on Tom Boyle’s contribution to early boogin’, Tamega’s fetish for flexin’ the fuck out of new boards and cast aspersions on the political and lifestyle choices of a few ex-pros in an attempt to have to fund defamation cases with patreon donations.

At just under an hour’s listen, and a solid B+ rating, give it a listen on one of the links below.


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