The Lid Game Questions 5 and 6.

The Lid Game Questions 5 and 6.

By Dan Dobbin.

Firstly, a little apology for slackness on our behalf in terms of reporting on The Lid Game last week. It truly is a hectic time of year.

Question 5 asked the Magnificent seven to solve ” Dean Hobart is an anagram of which Professional bodyboarders name?”

After some furious googling to find what an anagram is, all seven shot back the correct answer of ” Andre Botha“. Not a lot of action to report here.

Fast forward seven days to question 6 and our intrepid contestants were posed with a little historical research, namely:

Which famous surf journalist wrote Mike Stewart’s first profile piece in Riptide mag entitled ” Chairman of the board?”

Former Riptide editor Rick Bannister was consulted by the triumvirate of Dave Winny, Reon Fisher and Miguel Serrano and threw the boys a bum steer by suggesting original Rippies editor Mike Perry was the author.

Infoamed’s unofficial favourites for the title, the Crackneck Purple Cobras also faltered, going top shelf and pitching Northern beaches stalwart and current Surfline editor Nick Carroll as their selection.

Also wrong.

The scribe of the article was former co-founder of Stab mag, and current one half of the power couple that constitutes the world’s most trafficked surf website Beachgrit, Mr Derek Rielly.

Rielly, in 1991 a fresh faced newby in the surf scribbling game, was hand balled the job of sitting down with the at the time seven time world champ by the head honcho at Morrison media, publisher of Riptide.

Armed with a notepad and pencil, Rielly documented Mike’s childhood and early interactions with the ocean riding ” weird plastic things things with holes in them, things that looked like Manta rays and McDonald’s trays’.

They cover Stewart’s early sponsorships, time spent in a military “prep” school chasing his desire to be a fighter pilot, and of course his fateful intersection with Tom Morey that changed the direction of bodyboarding.

Mike spills his thoughts on:

Ben SeversonHe’ll snap sometimes and can be a kook, but he’s a cool guy-I like him”.

AustraliaWhether the surfers like hearing it or not, bodyboarding is going to take off over here- it’s going to GO OFF!”

Future movesI’m working on a bunch of different things. I don’t know what will happen first. I’m working on front flips and backflips – I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff I want to try”.

Being recognised as a surferYeah I think that’s cool. I don’t think people should be like that anyway. It’s all wave-riding. The whole issue of surfers working bodyboarders is pretty dumb. It mostly affects people who surf to be surfers not people who surf to anyway”.

Some pretty salient predictions in that lot no?

But back to The Lid Game.

Perhaps fittingly at this time of year, we now have three wise men left standing, Monsuirs Jeff Hubb, Chris Whitey and VBC guru Glenn Policare.

The intrigue now flows from the knowledge that up until this point Whitey and Glenn have been a dynamic duo. However as the final Piggy Boog prize looms, will someone go rogue, throw a red herring, something darstedly underhanded?

More as the murderous intrigue develops…..

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