Become An Infoamed Patreon.

Become An Infoamed Patreon.

By Dan Dobbin.

Hopefully by now you’ve wrapped your ears around our slightly better but still not great 2nd podcast.

Listen here:
Or here:

Within our ramblings we announced the creation of the Infoamed bodyboarding Media Patreon account.

We’ve pumped out on average three new articles a week for almost two years now, added a podcast and brought you The Lid Game, relying almost solely on the generosity of the boogin’ writers, photographers and others in our community to make that happen.

However, it shouldn’t be that way.

We’d like to be able to give something other than kind thanks back to the folk who give their time and energy to provide us with entertainment and insights from out there in the bodyboarding world.

We’d like to be able to serve as a benefactor for any worthy projects or content creators out there who have a great idea to bring something new to the bodyboarding world.

We’re hoping that you’ll see that by contributing just a little, we can achieve a lot.

We currently have just over 2500 followers on Instagram. Small fry by anyone’s standards.

However, if each of those followers would bequeath us just $2 a month through Patreon, we’d have $60,000 per year to funnel back to writers, photographers, videographers and others to help generate new and interesting content for us all to enjoy.

Pump that donation up to $5 a month and that number becomes $150,000 that we can reinvest back to content producers!

Infoamed is going to continue no matter what, because this is first and foremost a passion project. However, for the health of our favourite pastime we need ways to build engagement and interest, to reach new people and reward people already active in creating in the bodyboarding space.

So with our hands on our hearts we ask that you think seriously about signing up and pledging just a little to help us help others within bodyboarding.

We have $1, $2, $5, $10 and even a $20 pledge options. How much cash we have available will be public at all times.

All Patreons will be actively involved in helping decide how and where we spend and allocate funds. Patreons will also receive discounts on our merchandise and the upcoming Infoamed ‘Zine.

So if this sounds like something that you’d be interested in helping us pursue, follow the link below and sign up to help change the bodyboarding landscape today.

Find the Infoamed Patreon here:

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