The Lid Game Question 4.

The Lid Game Question 4.

By Dan Dobbin.

A little delve into the design world this week, as we posed a little riddle pertaining to antipodals.

Apart from actually hacking out the basic design of the booger from a discarded surfboard blank, Tom Moreys biggest design inspiration was the addition of hard edged ” vacuum track” rails in combination with a top chine on his boogie.

Harder edged rails knife into the waters edge easier, allowing a board to plane faster and turn quicker. The hard edge allows the water to abruptly release from the board’s rails, creating speed and maneuverability. The hard edge also allows a board to gain a firm hold in the wave and remain stable at faster speeds, two characteristics vital to a bodyboard lacking fins on the bottom.

Now with all of the technical mumbo jumbo out of the way, we come to the juicy part of the contest. Who’s still alive?

Five more contenders fell at the fourth hurdle, leaving only the magnificent seven remaining.

Still in the hunt we have Jeff Hubb, Miguel Serrao, Dave Winny, Reon Fisher, Chris Whitey, Glenn Policare and leadman of the Crackneck Purple Cobras Chad Waldron.

Whitey revealed on the Grin Reapers podcast last week that he and Glenn Policare are working collaboratively. With Reon Fisher and Winny sharing office space it wouldn’t be wildly speculative to assume they’re sharing information as well. The question will be, as the questions begin to dwindle, will anybody go rouge, begin throwing red herrings, kneecap a team mate?

Mystery and intrigue indeed…..

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