The Infoamed Podcast No.2.

The Infoamed Podcast No.2.

By Dan Dobbin.

The little podcast that could returns with slightly better audio ( mostly solved by remembering to speak into the microphone), still dodgy production values and a continuation of lots of “likes” and “you knows”. If you bothered to listen to the first one you know what to expect. Maybe a C- on this one….

Amoungst our meandering musings we discuss the passing of Mr Tom Morey and the uniqueness of one man creating a sport, industry and lifestyle, why corporate smucks are smucks, the travesty of keeping old boards locked up in garages, old ladies accidentally drifting through the line up and how one boogie can change a life.

We tackle the thorny issues of how print media and online content stacks up in terms of accessibility, memorability and profitability, the impact photographers not getting financially reimbursed by brands and mags has on content creation and how just $2 a month could seed a whole slew of new projects for us all to enjoy ( more on this later in the week).

Finally, we round out the poddy by recalling our first boards, identifying the unknown Ozzie rider who was pulling 720’s in the mid noughties and make an important discovery about the prevalence of underexposed bodyboarding teams across the generations.

Keep your expectations in check and you might make it through the 1 hour and 18 minutes…..

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