Lid Game Question 2.

Lid Game Question 2.

By Dan Dobbin.

Man, the late noughties were a terrifying time to be an aspiring professional bodyboarder. Every new magazine issue seemed to feature young guys and gals throwing themselves into more and more mutant death slab for a shot at quick click fame.

Bodyboarders had a chip on our collective cultural shoulders and proving to the wider surfing world we were hardcore became an obsession, an obsession that drove a heavy wave arms race.

At the forefront of this was Brenden Newton, Northern beaches raised Hellman, at that time in the grips of twin evangelical missions to spread the word of Jesus and ride the heaviest wave in history.

The story of “The Road” trip has been well documented in footage, magazines and Podcasts over the last decade or so.

Being lost at sea, the crazy, crazy pits at Salty Dogs, Brendo getting a free facial rearrangement via a barnacle covered reef, lots of God talk.

Our question of the week asked ” How many Stitches did Brenden Newton receive after wiping out at Salty Dogs?”

Internet’s were scoured, old Riptide mags dragged from hibernation, Brendo’s DM’s copped a peppering, conflicting information found. The cover of Riptide trumpeted ” Blood on the Water: 4 hours in surgery and 62 stitches”.

But….. Brendo himself has repeatedly said the magic number is “63”, so that’s what we paid.

So who’s out?

King of Boxy Dallas Singer, and 1/3 of the Infoamed podcast team Nathan Graham ( possibly in cahoots together) threw up “60” as their guess.

Master shaper Jarrod Gibson bought the fake Riptide news and dropped a “62”. Unite clothing head honcho Joel Taylor went with ” Pretty sure it was 60 or so”, and the uniquely named Professor Johan Vonshag bowed out with a seemingly random guess of “20”.

In serendipitous timing Brendo also revealed that he was selling the very board he dropped into history on at Salty Dogs for 20K to help fund the indigenous mentoring program he works, more on that story later this week.

(Or listen here

37 Lid Game contestants remain…..

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