How to decide a champion?

How to decide a champion?

By Dan Dobbin.

Well, the little impromptu podcast that could has been out for just shy of a week now.

(Listen here:

Much kind and critical feedback on audio levels, content, rough as guts editing and the dangers of listening while driving.

The most passionate DMs though were reserved for hot takes on discussion around how we crown a world champion, and who we should look to for leadership as a sport.

In one corner we have the IBC world tour model, where promotors stage a series of events around the globe. The current structure see would see competitors best 4 results count towards their world title aspirations from a possible 11 contests, 7 of them at beach breaks.

This format was designed to address one of the biggest previous flaws in a global tour structure, that being the need for competitors to have to spend coin chasing the tour all around the globe, only to break even or even lose money doing so.

From an audience engagement perspective, it provides content and engagement for boogers to follow and consume almost year round.

Conversely, the single event championship, decided at a quality venue like Fronton or Pipeline, opens the door for a much wider field of riders who, one would expect, would be willing to throw their hat into the collective ring at a quality wave for the chance to walk away as a World Champion.

A one contest, one champion scenario would be a tough temptation for Australia’s semi-retired icons like Rawlins, King, Hardy and Player to resist, Guilherme Tamega is a North Shore resident, you couldn’t count Stewart out of the mix serious conditions, a feast of hungry up and comers would be chopping at the bit to potentially walk away as champion. A promoters and spectators wet dream of a scenerio.

Rather than bite off small chunks to distribute in multiple contests throughout the year, prize money for the single contest champion could be pooled to create an even greater allure to potential aspirational champions.

So, what say you boogieverse?

A World Tour or Single event championship?

Lets thrash it out on socials comments….

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