The Lid Game Question 1.

The Lid Game Question 1.

By Dan Dobbin.

Shock, horror, shock again!

A world champion has gone down in the first round of The Lid Game!

We pitched up what we thought would be a nice little chip in question first up, namely “What was the ultimate Russ Brown obsession?”

Mr Russ Brown. 📷 History of Bodyboarding website.

A reasonably easy get we figured until a panicked message from 2X world champ Jared Houston came screeching in via DM:

Like any good game master we then ratcheted up the pressure on the South African by suggesting that it would be particularly embarrassing for him if he didn’t get this one right.

You see, one of Jared’s sponsors in his early career was none other than TURBO bodyboards, the name formed from the acronym of The Ultimate Russ Brown Obsession.

So who was Russ Brown?

Russ Brown, or Captain Turbo as he often referred to himself as was one of the early Bodyboard pioneer manufactuers from Hawaii, starting Turbo bodyboards in Hawaii in ’83. Browns  bodyboards were different than the early super flexy Morey Boogies in that they featured hard PVC slicks, vinyl decks, and bold graphics.

To quote Russ himself in an interview with Hi-surf advisory website;

Turbo Surf Designs started as a design exercise to make surf equipment. We realized that bodyboards back then were just a flexible piece of foam. Having ridden paipo boards at The Wall, right away, I knew the boards should be stiffer, and if it was stiff, then you could put skegs on them. And so began the line of Turbos.”

(Read the full interview here:

Russ Brown established “Turbo Surf Designs Hawaii“, a surf shop in Honolulu and in a nod to the times in the 1980’s a Captain Turbo comic book to help sell his boards.

Turbo’s brightest period came when Morey Boogie acquired the rights to produce boards under the Turbo moniker and parashuted Mike Stewart in as the face of the brand in the late 80’s. They released of arguably the most Iconic board and colourway in Bodyboarding history, The Mike Stewart Pro Comp.

Russ sold the Turbo Surf Designs store in 1998 and moved to Colorado. The rights to produce boards under the Turbo name past through various incarnations and companies. The last venture using the Turbo name went out of business when the boards were being produced by a company running out of Port Macquarie. (This is also around the same time the IBA world tour hit some financial bumpy ground and went kapout for all of you dot joiners out there, but we digress…).

And the World Champ that went down hard in the first round?

No, not Mr Houston who eventually came up with the correct answer.

It was in fact Pierre Louis Costes, who inexplicably came up with the answer of;

41 players remain……

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