The 1st ( And Probably Last) Infoamed Podcast.

The 1st (And Probably Last) Infoamed Podcast.

By Dan Dobbin.

Let’s be honest, part of the great joys outside of actually riding a boog, is sitting around shooting the shit talking about riding a boog.

One evening your author found himself sitting around with 2004 Ozzie Dropknee champion Nathan Graham and surf photographer Reece Dobbin shooting the shit about riding a boog and thought ” Why not record this?”.

We talk the Pro’s and Cons of a world tour vs a winner takes all contest, getting old, the upcoming Tension 11, Sintra and Fronton comps and kicking the toilet door in on a World Champion taking a dump.

The quality is dodgy having been recorded straight into a phone slapped onto the table between us, your author says ” I don’t know” to much, Nath is blissfully unaware of most happenings in the boogieverse and Reece is barely audible at times.

Still, we knocked together an intro, gave it a little edit and uploaded it to Spotify and Google podcasts for your listening torture.

(Pro Tip, don’t try to listen to it in a moving vehicle, but through a set of earphones seems tolerable).

Maybe we’ll cough up some cash and buy a few microphones, maybe we’ll do another one, maybe we won’t.

What we do want to encourage is for you dear reader to think about how you can create boogin’ related content yourself. The more diverse voices, ideas and opinions we have out there, the stronger our little pastime will be.

Listen here:

Or here:

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