Stop, Stop, It’s Already Dead!

Stop, Stop, It’s Already Dead!

Movement Mag is back with another, well mag, and ain’t it glorious to have something in print form to behold in the boogieverse.

We’re obviously conservative traditionalist here at Infoamed and there’s nothing quite like having something real, something concrete like a good ol’ analog print magazine to hold in your mits!

Still, it’s also our job to ask the hard questions because thats what real, rootin’ tootin’ journalists do right?

Well, obviously not really hard questions like who took all the money and bankrupted the IBA tour at its height, but hard questions like how does social media keeps fucking over print media, even when it doesn’t mean to.

So let’s start at the beginning; The cover. Whatcha think?

Love it?

Hate it?

Hate the fact that you love it but because similar images have been plastered everywhere for 18 months you hate it because it seems stale?

That’s not Movement’s fault. That’s your fault, and my fault and every other Jane and Joe Schmo’s fault who can’t go 5 seconds these days without needing something fresh to sate our  collective attention distraction disorder.

Nail an epic shot as a photog? Get that fucker up fast on the socials before someone else gets up something similar!

Waves are pumping where you’re surfing? Why not Livestream it so everyone can witness it in real time! It doesn’t matter, the collective socials amnesia will kick in as soon as the next thing comes along.

The shot of Guilherme Tamega that graces the cover of this issue of Movement might, just might, be the greatest bodyboarding image ever captured. Perhaps only challenged by the iconic red, yellow and blue motifed pipe cavern of Stewart from the 80’s.

The question is though, will it become memorable, or has oversaturation neutered its longevity? Will generations 30 years into the future recall the impact it had on their lives, or is it a one and done?

The other hang nail of a question falls on the reposting of images from the magazine by the riders or photographers featured in it.

We understand the stoke and excitement that comes with having your epic ride or shot immortalized for all around the globe to admire.

However, magazines like Movement trade on their exclusivity and the quality and mystery of the content inside is what makes it worth coughing up dough for. If the vast bulk of that content is plastered all over the socials in the days after its release, it diminishes the value of the magazine to consumers and hurts potential sales.

What if we didn’t immediately throw our epic shots and rides straight onto socials for a quick action, response, feedback dopamine hit in the form of a little red heart.

What if we went old school and funnelled that content to enterprises like Movement to provide more consistent and quality publications that contained exclusive content customers would be happy to pay a premium price for?

Perhaps photography and writing would once again become viable and valued industries within bodyboarding?

Boogin’ print may be all but extinct but for the valient efforts of the crew at Movement, but it’s our actions and mindsets that makes it so.

What’s say we try something different and see where that leads us…..

Fuck, we might even get off our arses and knock something together to take your money off you with…The Infoamed ‘zine, has a nice ring to it….

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