Bloodsport: Lincoln Presley.

Bloodsport: Lincoln Presley.

Hi I’m Lincoln Presley I’m 15 years old and I’m from Dana Point Southern California. I’ve been boogin’ for about a year and a half now so I don’t have much of a backstory other then I love doin it!

The conditions were pretty perfect for a summer afternoon in California. Clean 4-5 foot surf and a good group of guys out. Shape was good, tide was rising, it seemed like everything was lining up for good day.

Around two hours after I showed up it started really turning on so I got out and grabbed my mouth mount GoPro for the first time thinking I could get some footage.

The first wave I took off on was a disaster. I went up for a flip and the wave bottomed out the landing killed me. I smacked my face onto my board the GoPro pushed up and took my teeth out right there. I was completely shocked! I was spitting out a ton of blood and one of my teeth came out.

The lifeguards ran over to me with med bags, I was in a lot of pain during this and knew they couldn’t help. They asked what my moms phone number was they called her and drove me to the parking lot.

My mom drove me to are dentist which is another 45 minute drive. Once we got there they started making my situation way, way better.

I was extremely lucky I had braces which saved the top parts of my teeth and my roots reconnected with my teeth so I only needed fillings for the bottom half. However my other tooth was done, it was completely out of place but still connected to my braces. They could put it back in place for the time being but it was eventually a goner. A few weeks later I had to get root canal surgery.

Since my teeth were so fragile I had to wait two or three months until I could do anything again. The roots had to completely reconnect to my teeth so it wouldn’t be loose at all. There were certain things I couldn’t eat, plus I had to be back at the dental place every week to make sure everything was going well with the roots and medicine they put in my tooth. The process was pretty slow and boring but I was glad it was only two or three months.

The injury doesn’t affect me at all in the water or on land which is super fortunate.

Just no more gopros in my mouth!

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