The Lid Game Lowdown.

The Lid Game Lowdown.

Man, marketing is a soulless pursuit…but we believe in The Lid Game as a concept, so while we apologize for the constant pumping of The Lid Game through the socials, we also implore you to join, and join now!

The first question will drop this Wednesday at 5 PM Australian daylight saving time, if you haven’t got your entry in by then you’re kooking it!

All you have to do is drop a $10 donation on any one of our articles and you’ll be invited to follow The Lid Game Insta page.

Over 10 weeks there will be 10 deep boogin’ knowledge questions posted in the Insta stories. You then have 24 hours to answer. Get one wrong or fail to answer, you’re out. Make it to the end and you share in the prize pool!

The more people involved, the bigger the prize pool and the more fun!

Round up a group of mates, start your own chat group and play against each other, or work together as a team to reach the final round!

World Champion Pierre Louis Costes is in!

Former Pro Dallas Singer is in!

Unite clothing head honcho Joel Taylor is in!

Boogie flick producing legend Chad Waldron is in!

Master shapers Todd Quigley, Jarrad Gibson and Reon Fisher are in!

Go head to head with these boogin’ legends and take their money!

So sign up now, start the banter with your mates and dig out all of your boogin’ knowledge!

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